Dina Mead

Founder & President

email: Dina@bayareabandsource.com

Dina Mead is the founder of Bay Area Band Source, and co-founder of KAM-BABS Promotions based out of the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Once the band manager for the now disbanded Tampa Bay cover band, Decepcion, Dina has been hired by several local music venues as their “Entertainment Coordinator” with the job of booking bands for their respective venues.

Although born and raised for the better part of 14 years in Pinellas County, her mother’s job would frequently force Dina to move around the Eastern part of the country.

"I was born in Bayfront Hospital and spent most of my childhood in Pinellas County." "At the age of 14 I moved to Memphis Tenn, then Atlanta Ga. with my Mother." "I was raised by my mother, Jacqueline, who to this day is the most wonderful mother any person could ask for." "When I became an adult I did some traveling and lived in numerous other places, but through all my travels I would always end up back in Pinellas County.”

It was at that very young age of 14, after her mother's job had relocated them to Memphis, Tennessee, when Dina originally found a passion for the entertainment industry. It happened when she went to see her first concert, Motorhead. The energy and the loud in your face type attitude was all Dina needed to realize that this was exactly where she was supposed to be.

“when I saw my first concert [Motorhead] I knew that I wanted to be apart of the music industry. The energy that I got from their performance on stage was like nothing that I had ever experienced. I remember just being mesmerized by how intense the music was. The feeling that you get at a live performance was imbedded in my brain."

The local music circuit was going very strong in Memphis at the time. Dina had a passion for the harder genres such as Death and Speed Metal. However, the musicians Dina had the pleasure of spending time with while in Memphis opened her eyes to much more than she had ever allowed herself to see on her own. Contrary to popular belief, the roots of many great artists go way beyond the genres they may play. This intrigued Dina and she began to study the different styles of music which then allowed her to have a better understanding of people in general.

Approximately 9 months after her arrival in Memphis, Dina's mother was transferred again, landing them in Atlanta, Georgia. Dina was in Atlanta for 5 years and it was there that she started really concentrating on how the music industry worked. Dina was a regular at the infamous Charley Magruders which put her right in the middle of it all. This was the bar that was known for up and coming bands at the time such as The Black Crows and The Blondes.

"Over the years I just began surrounding myself with the music industry." "In Atlanta I worked for a small production company that catered to local musicians which was my first taste of working as a professional in the local music scene."

Dina then relocated herself back to St. Petersburg and took a job bartending while she was going to school for Cosmetology at Loraine's Academy. Not wanting to peruse that profession, Dina landed a job selling in-house IT training materials to companies so that their techs could gain there certifications. Dina stayed with Microsnap Inc. for approximately 3 years where she had earned her ranks as one of the top sales reps. When Dina caught wind that the company, then owned by Bert Waters, was going under, she decided that she would peruse a career in the field of insurance. Dina then went on to obtained her Insurance License eventually. Dina was not happy working in "Corporate America", but the sales skills that she acquired along with the contacts she had made over the years in the bar business would prove to be beneficial to her future career in the music industry.

Dina once again was on the move, this time moving Jacksonville Florida for about 5 years where she decided to pursue a carreer in marketing. Dina developed a passion for marketing that was like no other. When she moved back to Saint Petersburg in April of 2010, that's when everything clicked. Dina went to see a friend of hers who was taking photos of a local cover/original band, Decepcion. She immediately took a keen interest in their music. Dina had some extra time on her hands and wanted to help, so she started contacting friends of hers in the bar business to see if she could get them booked around town and out of Largo. After going into the bars and trying to explain to the business owners about the bands history and music, she came up with the idea to get a resume & bio for the band together which made things a lot easier. Dina realized that when she would hand out the demos, they would often get pushed to the side. But by placing the demos in a professional looking folder combined with all the information that anybody would want about the band, it would then grab the attention of the bar owners. After that, things just started working out for the best. Dina then decided that a ".com" website would be an excellent way to drive business professionals such as the bar owners to the bands music, versus sending them to the social sites. Dina just felt that having a more professional approach to some of these people would give the band the edge that they needed. Though the band, Decepcion, has since disbanded, all and all Dina thinks all of their combined efforts did pay off during the bands existence... giving Decepcion what she feels was their much deserved recognition.

In 2010 Dina founded Bay Area Band Source, a website and facebook networking page designed to help the Tampa Bay music scene by supporting the local musicians, and artists by allowing them to post their events or news as they would like in order to network themselves within the Bay Area. Through Bay Area Band Source, Dina has worked tirelessly by volunteering her time by referring local bands to area booking agents, bars, & venues...along with referring musicians to area bands looking for replacement musicians. It is not uncommon for Dina’s phone to be ringing 24/7.

Being a female in this industry definitely proves to be a challenge at times for some females, and with Dina, it is no exception. The music scene (local or national) has been dominated primarily by men for as long as anyone can remember. Dina has a strong and outgoing personality, strong sales skills, and a good sense for business. However, generally when Dina walks into a room, many times all people see is her ability to attract attention because of the way that she looks.

"Because of the tattoos, and the fact that I am not an unattractive female, it's hard for certain people to take me seriously until they get to know me. I am actually more like one of the guys than anything else....To tell you the truth there is usually quite a bit of drama, controversy, and straight up jealousy. Being a female in the industry I see this more often than not. But as in any family there is always going to be those factors, it's all in how you choose to deal with it and how much you let it effect you as a person... I believe in the bands, and they believe in me. We all support each other all the way around. That, in my opinion, is the most important thing of all and I feel privileged to work with such awesome musicians. The sense of accomplishment after an awesome show makes it all worth it, and I am proud to be a part of it".

In 2011 Dina co-founded KAM-BABS Promotions along with syndicated music columnist, Keith Wilkins. The name, “KAM-BABS”, is a collaborative merger of KAM Music Publishing (KAM) and Bay Area Band Source (BABS). Through KAM-BABS Promotions, Dina & Keith organize and promote benefit concerts, awards shows, and other concert events in the Tampa Bay area.

The first project that KAM-BABS Promotions worked on (along with Sarasota promoter, Mario Vitali) was when they brought national recording artist & actress, Julie Gribble, to the Tampa Bay area for a one-time performance at the Banana Boat Too in Clearwater while on the last leg of her "Letting Go" tour on February 27th, 2011.

The second major project that KAM-BABS Promotions worked on was the “2011 Sexiest Musicians of Tampa Bay Awards Show Ceremony”, which was held on July 24th, 2011 at the Silver Dollar Lounge in Tampa.

The third event that KAM-BABS Promotions organized was the day & night long outdoor concert called Wildstock. Wildstock was held in Wimauma, Florida on the 7acres of land owned by Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary. The event was a benefit concert to help raise money for the sanctuary, and had national recording artist, KOLE, headlining the event.

Dina & Keith have also recently partnered up with a third party to form "KDJ Productions", which they hope to launch sometime in 2012.

Dina is currently working on a new project, KDJ Productions, along with Keith Wilkins and a third party. Dina hopes to launch the new project sometime in 2012.

Keith Wilkins


email: kampublishing@aol.com.com

Keith Wilkins is a Syndicated Music Columnist, Contract Songwriter (lyricist), & retired Session Drummer with a diploma in music business management. Keith is the founder of KAM Music Publishing, co-Founder of both KAM-BABS Promotions & the up-and-coming KDJ Productions, and a consultant for Bay Area Band Source.

Keith currently writes the "St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene" music column which published on the Examiner.com news website. Keith's Examiner music column is the #1 most read Examiner column in the Tampa Bay market, beating out nearly 200 other columns. Aside from his #1 rated Examiner column, Keith is also a contributing writer for The Bay Buzz, and the former cover story writer for Mayhem Magazine. Keith's "St. Petersburg Live Music Bar Scene" Examiner column is syndicated on numerous news websites including The Bay Buzz. Keith has made numerous appearances on both radio & tv, as well as on stage hosting live events. Keith has been featured in numerous magazines & books, has had four of his songs released on three albums, and makes appearances as a guest speaker at music seminars as well. Keith currently sits on the Board Of Directors as a Vice president for the Florida Music Hall of Fame and the Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame.

Childhood 1974 - 1991

Keith was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 12th, 1974. Keith was the third child of a five-time Michigan state weightlifting champion (Fritz Wilkins-Father) and a homemaker (Tina Wilkins-Mother). Keith's family moved to the Tampa Bay area in 1985, taking up residence in a small city called Seminole.

Keith's first little taste of musicianship came when he joined his elementary school band class, playing the clarinet. A couple of years later In Middle school, Keith composed his first original song on the Clarinet. Once Keith entered high school, he then switched from the Clarinet to the drums in his school band.

In 1989 Keith co-formed a rock band called "Gateway" as the bands drummer. Unfortunately for Keith, he developed severe Tendonitis in both of his arms before "Gateway" could even play their first gig. Fortunately This one major set-back in Keith's hopeful music career did nothing to detour him. Being a poet since he was in Middle school, Keith dropped out of high school in 1991 to concentrate on becoming a Contract Songwriter.

Contract Songwriting 1992 - 1996

As a Lyricist, Keith specialized in writing love songs/Power-ballads in both rock and country styles. Keith Developed a style of lyric writing that would help give him an edge over other Contract Songwriters. In a time when Female singers where big in both rock and country, Keith wrote many of his songs from a females perspective, for females to sing. Keith quickly gained a reputation from fellow songwriters in the industry as not only having a knack for telling a story in a song, but for having the knack for coming up with the perfect song titles as well.

Keith would partner with several songwriters in the recording studio in order to create demo's to be shopped to artists looking for new material. In a time when contract songwriting was much more competitive then it is now, Keith devised a unique way to "shop" his songs to record company executives and artists management team. In a time before there was email or the internet, Keith would mail out his demo tapes & bio, stuffed inside a shoe. when the recipient would open up the package, they would find a cover letter inside the shoe that read..."Now that I have my foot in the door...". Though this unique form of self promotion didn't always guarantee the sale of his song, it did almost always guarantee a call back from the recipient, new relationships made, and Keith's name being remembered ("That crazy songwriter who sent us the shoe"). 

Keith sold his first song ("News For You Baby") in 1992, at the young age of 17, to singer, Dave Sharky. The song was released on the 1993 Hollywood Artists Records album, "Music of America". Shortly thereafter, Keith would go on to sell 3 more songs... "Always" & "Hard Promises", recorded by Jon Clarke and released on the 1993 Rainbow Records album, "Hollywood Gold"...and "Every Time I Cry", recorded by Stephanie Allen and released on the 1994 Hollywood Artists Records album, "America Sings".

In 1993 Keith was taken under the wing of Tampa Bay Talent Agent and Chrystallis Management co-founder, Jacqueline Langley. Langley acted as a mentor for Keith...guiding, consulting, and advising him on how the local & National music industry works. Keith later studied and received a diploma in music business management.

After joining BMI In 1993, Keith founded "KAM Music Publishing" in order to administer is own songs. Through "KAM Music Publishing", Keith would work for other songwriters...critiquing their songs and handling their copyrights for them.

In 1994, Keith wrote his first editorial piece for a national Music magazine. The piece was titled "Lock & Load", and talked about the issue of gun control. "Lock & Load" was published in the June/July issue of "ROC Magazine".

1995 proved to be the busiest year for Keith. Keith co-wrote two songs ("Together" & "Good Lovin' Gone Bad") with well known, multi-million dollar  songwriter, Don Hecht. Don Hecht was mostly known for the song "Walkin' After Midnight" that he co-wrote for, and was released by legendary singer Patsy Cline in 1957. The song was later re-recorded and released by Garth Brooks.

Also in 1995, Keith became a charter member of the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame & Museum located in Cleveland, Ohio. Keith's name was displayed in the museum, on a plaque along with the other charter members.

During his four year career in the early to mid 90's, Keith had collaborated with or written for countless musicians and songwriters world-wide including, but not limited to, Dave Sharky, Jon Clarke, Stephanie Allen, Don Hecht, Ralph Lake, Andrei Cheine, and Cathy Clark. Keith has written nearly 200 songs, selling or contracting out many of them. Keith has had 4 of his songs released on three albums, and has appeared in several local & national magazines including Stars Magazine & Jam Magazine. Keith has been interviewed on both tv and radio, including his 1993 appearance on the tv show, "Dave's Garage".

Keith was also a strong activist, fighting for musicians freedom of speech issues. Keith teamed up with the Ohio based anti-censorship group, Rock Out Censorship, to help fight the PMRC's attempts to censor recording artists.

Keith's last project that he worked on was in December of 1995. Keith partnered up with singer/songwriter, Cathy Clark, on a 4 song project ("Down By The Ocean Shore", "They'll Come A' Runnin", "Could It be You", & "Magic Moment") that was recorded at House Quake Recording Studios in Ybor City, Florida. While at House Quake Recording Studios, Keith also wrote and recorded the drum parts for one of Cathy's original songs, "You're A Part Of Me".

Semi-Retirement 1996 - 2010

In 1996, Keith retired from the music business in order to get married and to start a family. Keith would eventually go on to have successful careers in both banking management & casino management...though he always missed working in the music business. Later that same year, Keith was invited to the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences "Masters Of Music Awards Ceremony", held at Julio Iglesias' home in Miami Beach, Florida.

In 1997, the International Biographical Centre, located in Cambridge, England, approached Keith about publishing his biography in the "International Who's Who in Music, Volume two-Popular Music" book, published by Melrose Press. Keith's biography continues to be published in the annually published hard-cover book to this day.

Also in 1997, Keith was invited to the 2nd Annual "Pre-Grammy Awards Show Celebration" held at the Miami Hard Rock Cafe & hosted by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

In 2004, Keith's 2nd wife gave birth to their daughter. Keith himself delivered his daughter. Unfortunately though, Keith's marriage wouldn't last. In 2007 Keith was left to raise his daughter on his own after him & his wife divorced.

In 2008, Keith was contacted by the president of the Memphis Songwriters Association (MSA). Keith was invited to travel up to Memphis and appear as a guest speaker at a songwriting workshop, hosted by the Memphis Songwriters Association. The renewed interest in Keith's past musical accomplishments by the MSA refueled Keith's interest once again in music & writing.

Music Columnist 2010 - present

In 2010, Keith found out that the Examiner News website was looking for a free-lance music columnist to write their "St. Petersburg Live Music bar Scene" column. This seamed like the perfect opportunity for Keith to get back into professional writing once again, not to mention it was related to music as well. Keith submitted his bio and catalog to the Examiner...and no, he didn't mail it to them in a shoe! Based on Keith's past experience in both music and writing, the Examiner offered him the column. Keith's debut article was published by the Examiner and appeared in his column on May 14th, 2010. In his column, Keith reports on the local Tampa Bay live music & bar scene. His articles include band interviews, Music scene news, event previews, show reviews, and bar/night club reviews. Within the first 6 months of writing for the Examiner, Keith's column became the #1 most read column of 2010 in the Tampa Bay market...beating out nearly 200 other columnists.

By the end of 2010, Keith's column was syndicated in several other News websites including the World News Network, World News America, Breaking News Worldwide, and Fwix.com. In 2011, The Bay Buzz also started syndicating Keith's column as well, listing Keith as a contributing writer.

Keith partnered up with Dina Meed of "Bay Area Band Source" in early 2011 to form "KAM-BABS Promotions"...a collaboration of Keith's "KAM Music Publishing" & Dina's "Bay Area Band Source" (BABS). Through "KAM-BABS Promotions", Keith & Dina plan, organize, promote, host, & MC benefit concerts, awards shows, and other musical events in the Tampa Bay area. The first project that "KAM-BABS Promotions" started working on was to bring National recording artist & actress, Julie Grible, down to Florida to perform in the Tampa Bay area on her 2011 tour.

The second project KAM-BABS Promotions organized was the "2011 KAM-BABS Sexiest Musicians of Tampa Bay Awards Show Ceremony" held in Tampa. The awards show started from a competition that Keith held in his Examiner column.

The third event that KAM-BABS Promotions organized was the day & night long outdoor concert called Wildstock. Wildstock was held in Wimauma, Florida on the 7acres of land owned by Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary. The event was a benefit concert to help raise money for the sanctuary, and had national recording artist, KOLE, headlining the event.

Also in 2011, Bay Area Band Source & Black Pearl Rock Radio honored Keith by roasting him on his Birthday. The "Birthday Roast of Keith Wilkins" was held at the Wild Indian Saloon in Largo, Florida on September 8th, and was broadcasted on Black Pearl Rock Radio on September 14th.

In September of 2011, Keith became the Cover story writer for Mayhem Magazine, published by Vertex Worldwide Media. Keith helped the new music magazine gain popularity in the Tampa Bay market, writing for the first three issues and helping the magazine win the "2011 TBMN Favorite Media Source" award at the 4th Annual Tampa Bay Music Network Awards Show in 2012. Keith left Mayhem Magazine on December 29th, 2011 when Vertex Worldwide Media failed to renew his contract.

Also in December, Keith was brought on as a consultant at Bay Area Band Source.

On February 28th, 2012, Keith was appointed Vice President of the Florida Music Hall of Fame and the Tampa Bay Music Hall of Fame, siting on the Board Of Directors.

Keith Wilkins & Dina Mead have also recently partnered up with a third party to form "KDJ Productions", which they hope to launch sometime in 2012.

Keith Wilkins is a BMI artist, and a proud member of the American Press Association. In the past, Keith has also belonged to numerous other organizations including: The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences inc.; American Federation of Musicians (AFofM); Songwriters Guild of America (SGA); Florida Music Association (FMA); Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI); South West Virginia Songwriters Association (SVSA); Memphis Songwriters Association (MSA); National Academy of Songwriters (NAS); Songwriters of Wisconsin (SOW); and the Central Florida Musicians Association.

Keith still resides in Seminole, Florida with his daughter, Kayla.

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